List Your School on Our Global Websites (Turkish) (English)

Our database supports a multi-language platform. Languages available: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Dutch and Turkish.

Our English and Turkish language websites have already been launched and websites in other major languages will soon follow. Students wishing to study overseas can find information about schools, courses and accommodation, as well as compare costs, apply and pay online.

You can input information about your institution, its location, facilities, social activities and any unique selling points, along with details of the courses you offer, fees, accommodation options and other services. By listing relevant keywords, you will maximise the probability of your courses being found by suitable students.

Web Calculator

Give your prospective students all the information they need... and more.

No-one likes spending hours on the internet finding and comparing courses, so our web calculator serves up all the necessary information on a plate. All the student has to do is enter their specific requirements, such as the course of study, duration and type of accommodation, then the total fee for each course can be calculated instantly. You can even use our powerful database wizards to add a web calculator to your own website!  Please click here to see how our Web Calculator works.

Ready to use online forms

If you wish, students can contact you (or your preferred local agency), immediately after using the course cost calculator on our global website, by filling in our online contact, brochure request or application forms, which will then be forwarded straight to you or your agent or both.

Search for and be found by agencies

You can find potential agent partners very quickly by entering relevant search criteria, such as location, subject and study levels promoted by the agency, without wasting time contacting agencies who do not wish to work with your country or who are not interested in the subjects and levels of study you offer.

Agencies will also use LS-Network to find new course providers and to see the courses and services you offer. You can specify which countries you wish to work with, thus ensuring that requests for partnership from unsuitable agencies are kept to a minimum.

The account management facility allows you to contact local agencies abroad to notify them of new courses, promotions etc. You can search for and add new agencies to your own agency network without spending time and money on attending meetings and international fairs.

Instant Account Management

When you join LS-Network, you will be given a password and username so that you can modify or add to your account details. This could include adding, editing or deleting a course programme, changing price or accommodation details, adding a new promotion or special discounts. The account management facility allows you to make changes immediately.

Improve efficiency and time management

Save time by instantly advertising any new promotions online to partner agencies. Applications and other communications will be received immediately, enabling you to cut down on paperwork and free up time to attend to other matters. You may choose to delegate responsibility for inputting and up-dating information about specific items, such as accommodation, to a particular member of staff who can then specialise in that area.

What’s more, you won’t waste time and effort trying to build working relationships with people who may represent “fly-by-night” agencies or who may not be serious about working with you.

Decrease expenditure on marketing and promotion

Save money on phone-calls, printing and postage. You won't have to travel to international workshops to find reliable agents who will promote your courses in other countries. In addition, you will probably spend less on brochures, magazine advertising etc., as you recruit the majority of your students easily through the internet.