Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can this service be free of charge, what does LS-Network get from it?

We realise that it seems too good to be true, but our standard service really is free! We want introduce you to our internet platform, because we are confident that listing on our global search engines will increase your student intake. Once you have seen how effective LS-Network can be, we hope that you will use the additional paid services that we offer: to save time, increase efficiency and to list your information in other languages so that your student intake increases even further.

  • What is LS-Network?

LS-Network is an internet platform set up by ICEPWORLD Ltd, and is the only one which puts course providers, agencies and students in mutual contact. It offers a free account enabling you to:

1. List your courses on our global websites
2. Set up and maintain your agency network
3. Receive online student applications

These services can cut your marketing expenses and increase your student intake. The easy to use Control Panel allows you to enter all your course and service details into the database. You can also use this control panel to find new agencies, set up your agency network, establish new promotions, apply discounts to your services and accept online applications.

ICEPWORLD, based in the UK, has more than 20 years’ experience in the international education sector and our team has specialist knowledge of the specific needs and requirements of schools, agencies and students. This, combined with our IT expertise, enables us to find appropriate solutions to your marketing and data-management problems as no other company can.

  • What are the benefits of joining LS-Network?

The aim is simple: to cut your marketing expenditure and boost your student numbers. You will find that our established overseas agency network, global course search engines, schools' database, fee calculator and high search rankings all contribute to a greatly increased student intake. Our standard service is free, we do all the work: what have you got to lose?

  • Do I need to pay a fee when I sign-up?

No. Our standard service is completely free. If required, additional services and IT modules are available at a competitive rate.

  • If we use this service, will you “steal” our potential students?

NO. Students may choose to contact your school directly or via the local agents you have authorised through the control panel.

  • If we use this service, will you gain access to the enquirers’ personal details?

NO. Only you and your agents will have access to enquirers’ personal details, unless for some reason the enquirer contacts us directly.

  • If we use your calculator tool on our website, will you expect us to pay commission to you?

NO. As the students will be dealing directly with you through your own website, we cannot possibly ask you to pay commission. We do not take, capture or use any data that is submitted or transmitted through the use of this service.

  • What does standard service include?

Standard service is free of charge and covers the following:
- LS-Network Control panel usage
- Unlimited operator access with various authorization levels
- Listing on search engine
- Agency Network Search/Usage
- Photo Album of up to 15 photographs
- Online Cost Calculator module for your website
- Up to 3 online form modules

  • What are your other services?

+ Software custom-made to your requirements: Personalised Advanced Modules for your own web pages, such as Visitors’ Book, Web Membership, Newsletter Module, FAQ Module, Student Forum etc.
+ Advertising Options on our global websites eg: Banner and Text Advertisements
+ Multi-Language Platform : translation of school information into local languages
+ Marketing Advice

  • Will we be asked to pay a fee for the standard service in the future?

Our standard service is free and we have no intention of implementing a charge in the future. However, we retain the right to suspend or restrict any of the free services we provide at any time, giving six months advance notice.

  • We have completed all the steps on the control panel. How long will it take for our school to appear online?

We aim to put all internationally known schools online within 2 working days. However, we may need to ask lesser-known schools to prove that the information provided is genuine and the school is officially recognised.

  • Can any school be listed online?

No. We aim to provide an unrivalled service to our website visitors, prospective students and agents, therefore it is our policy to enforce strict regulations for schools that wish to be listed on our web pages.

To qualify for listing on our search engine you must be:
- a language school or educational institution which provides language courses or certificate or diploma courses
- established for at least 2 years
- officially accredited

In addition, schools in countries which require entry visas from some overseas students must meet visa requirements. For example: in the UK, a school must be listed by the DfES; in the USA, a school must be authorised to issue I-20 documents.

  • How can we prove that our school is legitimate?

Every application is carefully examined before acceptance. Before we decide, we may require the following documents for inspection:
* Course brochures and marketing material
* References from internationally recognised agencies or other institutions you work with
* Certificate or other proof of official recognition and accreditation
* Evidence that your institution has been established for at least 2 years.

  • How can we learn more about your personalised IT modules?

Please contact us for further information about software solutions.

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